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Support for the translation from Albanian to Foreign languages

The Ministry of Culture opens the call for applications for the Translation from Albanian to foreign languages.

The experience of last year showed an important step forward taken by the Ministry of Culture for the dissemination of literature abroad by supporting the translation of works in different languages: Italian, Greek, Spanish, French or Slovenian. This fund also contributed to the growing interest of foreign translators and foreign publishing houses for the Albanian literature.

This initiative aims to support the translation of the most important Albanian works in fiction: literature; non-fiction works: essays that already have a publishing contract with foreign publishing houses.

The application is open from 1 August to 26 August 2019, at 16.00 hrs.


– The application must be submmited by a foreign publisher, equipped with a license to publish, through its legal representative;

– The publisher should provide the copyright rights before applying or at least should be in process of ensuring the author’s rights, a process that should be completed by the submission deadline specified in the translation contract;

(The original contract must be in Albanian language or in English)

– The publisher should also submit the contract with the translator;

(The original contract must be in Albanian language or in English)

– After the approval of the financial support, the Ministry of Culture will sign a bilateral contract ëith the publisher;

– The financial support (complete or partial) of the translation of the work will be provided by the Ministry of Culture and will support the publisher. The full/partial financing of the translation that will be provided by the Ministry of Culture will be transferred to the publisher’s account.


The applicant:






Email address:

The original Book:

The original language:



Genre of the book:

The publisher (of the original book)

Place of the publishing

Year of its first publishing

State of play of the translation rights

Number of pages

Number of books published

Price for each book

Deadline for its publishing in the foreign language

The translator:




Email address:



– A catalog of recent publications (printed or electronic);

– Authorization from the copyright translation (contract or permission in principle if the contract

is being prepared).



– The text has to be translated from the original language;

-The Ministry of Culture is committed to prevent any misuse, abuse or copying of the text translated;

– The applicant should indicate whether he has applied or has secured financial support from other sources;

Please send by mail the application file to the Ministry of Culture, the Office of Protocol

within 26 August 2019, 16.00 hrs.{:}